Authentic hand painted Tanjore art from south india

Artwork on an Acrylic Base

It is used to decorate the walls of Temples, Palaces and Homes

Handcrafted embossment on acrylic board finished with high quality 24 carat gold foil

25 years warranty



Tanjore painting is a classical south indian painting style, which originated from tanjore in tamil nadu back in the 17th century.

The paintings are painted by expert artisans who give great thought to precision and attention to detail.

These paintings are mainly based on religious and ancient themes of Lord Krishna


This is an special series of paintings which makes your wall very beautiful and gives a royal touch.

Tanjore paintings are believed to be auspicious and preserved as valuable antiques.

Ideal gifting option for any occasion.


Size: 10x12 inches

Color: Multi

Material: Plywood

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